For questions about Bob Horrors,

email with your enquiry,

or visit the Facebook page of Bob Horrors.

Check out Instagram, @bobhorrors,

and don't forget to check out the studio,

For questions regarding the shop,

please email,

Keep in mind that the shop is under start-up, so please be patient if response time is slow. 


To buy artwork,

email with your idea.

Remember to specify title, date, description and size of published artwork.

Bob Horrors has a lot of artwork for sale, but alas, cannot post all of it. The most recent art can be found on @bobhorrors on instagram, or by booking a consultation for a private screening.

Prices vary from around 3000:- SEK/A4 original including frame, up to 6000:-SEK/A4 including frame in some cases.

Bob Horrors is working on creating a webshop.

To book an appointment for a mural,

email with your idea.

Pricing varies, but depend on factors as material, size and time consumption. As well as preparatory work such as sketching and researching beforehand.

A rough estimate is that a wall is about

1500:- SEK/square meter,

or 1500:- SEK/hour.

To book an appointment for a tattoo,

email with your idea.

Remember to specify placement and size.

Bob Horrors only tattoos his own style, and seldom do custom. Therefor only placement and size are needed.

Bob Horrors will select three of his own artwork to fit the spot, to choose from. Only one will be tattooed, without changes.

Bob Horrors only tattoos his art once.

Unless previously agreed upon or as a part of a diptych (for example).